What is map+em?

map+em (manage and prescribe emergency medicine) is a software for smart phones that allows practicing clinicians to easily look up local hospital or practice guidance relating to specific medical conditions, appropriate antibiotic prescribing, local lab clinical reference ranges and relevant specialty contact numbers (for referral systems and bleep numbers).

There is range of drug and dosing formulae, as well as a growing number of medical calculators available, that are extremely easy to use! We provide point of care service to improve patient safety.

Our formula is simple: search | results | guidance.


Health Health

Over 130 Clinical guides to manage major medical emergencies

Super Simple Super Simple

Prescribing advice including dosages, cautions and contraindications on commonly prescribed drugs

Set Targets Set Targets

Over 30 medical calculators including ABG and Paediatric dosing calculators

Set Targets Set Targets

Works offline. Once downloaded no internet connection required to use

Budgets Budgets

Contact directories and bleep numbers localised to the trust you work in

Set Targets Set Targets

Access trust specific guidelines, local induction and policy documents

One-Offs One-Offs

Secure; Trust portals can be password protected and we do not store patient data

Reminders Reminders

Instant results, keyword driven Google style search engine

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Health Health

Gives Almost instant access to local guidelines for all users across mobile and web platforms

Health Health

Improve communication, efficiency, adherence to safe clinical practice and quality of working life.

Health Health

Help clinicians stay up to date with their knowledge base. Alleiviate burden on switchboard

Super Simple Super Simple

Suitable for all clinical practioners and great for trusts with high staff turnover

Set Targets Set Targets

Streamline authoring, structure and updating of guidelines via trackable collaborative cloud interface

Budgets Budgets

Improve accountability; Our service can record who, when and how documents have been edited and notify you when they need to be updated

One-Offs One-Offs

Smaller footprint; Our app is less than 4mb to download. No PDFs so faster, safer and your device is less cluttered

Reminders Reminders

Easy to use, saves time and encourages point of care excellence


How can I get involved / can you help develop my app idea?

– We are constantly looking for people to get involved, whether it is to expand our database of information, or to develop further technologies Have an idea? Why not develop it with us! By Drs for Drs is the future…

Benefit for you (the clinician)?

– safer by giving you point of care guidance on local hospital policy and contact numbers – more efficient by making that data almost instantaneously available on-demand online or offline – better able to integrate quickly within a local healthcare team – protected by ensuring that you can access appropriate, up to date and local guidance

How secure is map+em?

Very. Information is stored on an encrypted, Amazon based EC2 cloud server that is compliant with standards set out in the 1998 Data Protection Act. We do not store patient data.

How much does map+em cost?

Downloading and using the map+em app is completely free.

Benefits for the hospital?

– save your employee’s time – making your organisation more efficient and cost effective – reduce the cost and likelihood of litigation by ensuring your employee’s have easier access to local policies and therefore practice safer – reduce the burden on your IT support staff and switchboards – decrease the time and cost needed to induct the new employees – improve compliance with local hospital policies / guidelines

Will this work on all phones?

Android / iOS (iPhone). And a web version is available.

How can this be updated in real time?

Yes. When your app receives WIFI / 3G / 4G connection it will update.

Do I need WiFi/internet to use this?

No. (But yes for the first few seconds of ever using it).

How can we sign up?

Simply drop us a line below!

What can map+em do?

map+em is designed to provide your local hospital policy documentation and guidance.

What is the philosophy behind map+em?


About Us

Dr. Gaurav K Malhan

Dr. Gauruv K Malhan, creator / founder / "the brains"

Background: SpR in Forensic Psychiatry

Medical School: St. George's Hospital Medical School

Quick Fact: Caffeine Dependence Syndrome F15.2

Dr. Kapil Amarasinghe

Dr. Kapil Amarasinghe, cofounder / "the geek"

Background:A & E Registrar

Medical School: Royal Free and University College Medical School

Quick Fact: There's nothing in science that he doesn't know. He is really a geek, Fact.

Mr. Thomas Moors

Mr. Thomas Moors, cofounder / "the pretty one"

Background: ENT SHO / PhD-er

Medical School:Ghent University, Belgian Medical School

Quick Fact: He has created the UK's first Laryngectomy Choir (Shout At Cancer) - and it's pretty phenomenal!

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